How to Play Paintball

Are you new to the idea of playing paintball? You might have been invited to play paintball with some friends sometime soon, but you don’t necessarily know much about it. If you haven’t had the pleasure of playing paintball before, then you could be unclear on what the rules are, and how paintball is even supposed to be played. Don’t worry because you can just keep reading to get all of the important information about how to play paintball.

player shooting paintball gun

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There Are Different Types of Paintball Games

There are different types of paintball games that people will choose to play. How to play paintball is going to differ a little bit based on what type of game you’re trying to play with your friends. Before you can really understand everything that you need to know, you’ll need to go over the game types briefly. Read on to see the different paintball game styles.

Elimination Paintball

Elimination paintball is a type of game where players are eliminated one-by-one until only one team is left standing. Generally, you’re going to have paintball teams that are equal in size facing off on a designated paintball field or area. Whenever a person is clearly shot or marked with a paintball, that player is going to be eliminated. If every player on a team gets shot, then the game is over and the winning team will be able to celebrate their victory.

Some people play variations of elimination paintball that don’t involve teams, too. There could be some type of battle royale type of paintball match where 10 or so players just compete until only one person is left standing at the end. The basic idea is the same, but the team element has been taken out of the picture so that it’s every person for themselves. Everyone is your enemy when you’re playing this variation of elimination paintball.

Capture the Flag Paintball

Capture the flag is almost certainly a game variant that you’re familiar with if you’ve played FPS video games in the past. This paintball game tasks teams with trying to capture the enemy team’s flag while protecting their own. Once the enemy team’s flag has been seized, it needs to be taken back to the area where your flag is being kept. This is a frantic and competitive game type that many people find to be an absolute blast.

Interestingly, you can also win capture the flag by eliminating all of the opposing players on a team. If someone gets shot with a paintball, then they are going to be eliminated from the game. The fact that the team needs to protect the flag adds an element to the game that keeps people from being able to just hide or run around. If you like capture the flag mode in video games, then you’re surely going to love it when you’re playing paintball.

Scenario Paintball Games

Paintball enthusiasts get very creative when it comes to paintball game variants. One popular type of paintball scenario involves creating a type of escort mission game. Basically, one team might have to protect a designated “VIP” across the field of play. They need to get this person to a specific point of the map, but the enemy team is going to be on an “assassination” mission to get rid of the VIP.

This is only one example of a scenario game that you could try to play. Creative paintball players like to come up with fun scenario games that are based on military missions or video game missions. You can try to come up with your own game ideas if you’re inclined to do so. Paintball is a very creative sport that you can do a lot of different things with.

Speedball Paintball

Speedball is an idea that eliminates a lot of the hiding and sneaking that is involved in other types of paintball. In this type of paintball, you’re going to be playing on a flat field with very few areas that can provide you with cover. This makes for a fast-paced type of paintball game that is going to make it easier for aggressive and fast teams to win. Not everyone likes this type of paintball, but some find it to be the best.

Rules to Remember

Aside from knowing about how to play the game types mentioned above, you’re also going to need to understand the basic rules. You must ensure that you know these rules so that you can keep yourself safe while also looking out for the other players. The first and most important rule is to never remove your face mask while you’re playing paintball. Don’t even remove it if you’re on the field because you do not want to be struck in the face with an errant paintball.

You can only fire at players when you’re at a certain distance, too. The accepted minimum distance is 10 feet away, and this means that you cannot unload your paintball gun at point-blank range. You don’t want to hurt your fellow players by shooting them while you’re too close. Always try to be mindful of the opponent’s distance so that you can make good choices and keep others safe.

Remember that getting shot by a paintball generally means that you’re out of the game. If you have been hit by a paintball that leaves a clear mark, then that’s it for you. In this sport, you’re expected to call yourself out when you know that you have been hit. If you try to deceive people, then it’s going to look bad on you, and others will think that you’re a poor sport when the mark is discovered later on in the game.

There are generally going to be penalties imposed for trying to wipe paint off. Unless you’re playing a game where you’re allowed to wipe the paint off after a certain amount of time has passed, you’re supposed to leave it alone. So long as you know this, it should be easy to play paintball while following the basic rules. This is a very fun game, and it really isn’t that hard to learn how it works.