Does Paintball Hurt?

You might be thinking about getting together with some of your closest friends to play paintball sometime soon. Even if you haven’t played this sport before, it’s very easy to see why it has such a broad appeal. This is a sport that involves a lot of strategy while also rewarding teamwork. If you’ve been holding back on playing paintball until now, then you might be concerned about whether playing the game is going to hurt.

paintball player welts from paintballs

image credit: Penn State Paintball

Lots of new players ask questions about just how painful paintball is going to be. This is a sport where you will be getting shot by paintballs, and you likely expect to be able to feel the shots. Read on to get more information about how much paintballs actually hurt you. This should help you to determine whether you’re comfortable with the minor pain that you will experience during a regular paintball game.

You Can Definitely Feel Paintball Shots

Whenever you get shot by a paintball gun, you’re going to feel it and know where you have been shot. Unless you’re wearing particularly thick protective clothing, it’s unlikely that you’ll get shot with a paintball without noticing it in any way. Most players describe getting shot by a paintball as a type of stinging sensation that will fade away quickly. It does hurt you, but it isn’t some type of excruciating pain that is going to cause you to double over or anything.

The majority of paintball players think that paintball shots are not too bad. Some people might think that it hurts more than others, but this can depend on various factors. If you have more sensitive skin than usual, then you might feel a bit more pain than others. Regardless, the pain factor isn’t something that should scare you away from the sport if you’re interested in participating.

Paintball Injuries

Sometimes people will suffer minor injuries when they’re playing paintball. You might get shot in the same place a few times, and this will cause your skin to bruise. If you get shot in a sensitive spot, then you might even notice somewhat significant bruising as well as welts forming on your skin. The vast majority of paintball shots that you will take will be inconsequential, and many won’t even leave a mark.

Typically, you’re going to have a few minor bruises after playing a paintball game. These bruises will go away after a few days depending on how long bruises heal on your body. As long as all of the players are playing by the rules, it will be easy to avoid any type of serious paintball injury. Remember that shots at close range have the potential to hurt players much more, and this is why shooting a player that isn’t at least 10 feet away from you is against the rules.

Enjoy Playing the Game

Don’t worry so much about getting hit by paintballs moving forward. These are only going to sting a little bit and they really aren’t any worse than getting snapped by a rubber band. If you like the idea of playing paintball with your friends, then nothing should hold you back from doing so. It’s a great sport that you can get involved in whenever you’re ready.